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Building a Component Library in Rails With Storybook

This article will explain how to create your own component library of View Components and deploy it with Storybook, enabling all your team members to try, tweak and audit them in isolation.

Declaring multiple sets of scopes for the same provider with Devise and OmniAuth in Rails

If you’re familiar with the Rails ecosystem, the names Devise and OmniAuth might ring a bell: the former is a gem that handles (nearly) everything related to authentication; coupled with the latter, it makes implementing popular Social Login providers (e.g. Login with Facebook, or Twitter, or GitHub…) a breeze.

Towards a Lightweight Jamstack

This article aims to give directions to curb the JavaScript tax in the Jamstack.

A list of Meetup.com alternatives

Meetup.com announced it’s changing its business model, which will take a toll on Meetup organizers and attendees. Here’s a list of alternatives to consider for meetup organizers.

New blog, who dis?

After years of procrastinating, I finally came around to build myself a blog. Here are a few details about how it came to be, and how it’s built.

Making Adjustments

Our app is finally up and running. We have tried and enhanced the app in three directions: Performance, Design and User Experience.

Deploying our App

By now, our app looks okay and works reasonably well. But we were still stuck on local testing, meaning that we couldn’t test it on mobile platforms to see what it rendered. Thus, we decided to deploy our app.

Why Node?

I am now convinced that Node is the future in Web development.

Day Zero

This post is about explaining what we have already done, our first decisions about the upcoming development and sketching an approximative timeline of the project.

About Shawt!

Shawt! is a social, location-aware chat application. It gives you insights about what you want to know based on where you are.