I’ve spoken at various conference and meetups all around Europe.

I believe that speaking at meetups and conferences is a very formative experience, a perfect occasion to make friends and have meaningful discussions with people throughout the community.

However, securing a talk at a meetup or a conference can be way harder for people in under-represented and marginalized communities.

If you feel like this applies to you, I would gladly help you on securing your next talk (help writing your proposal, rehearsing…). Just contact me (links are in the About page) and we’ll figure out how to best make it happen!


Getting your Team Passionate About Web Performance to Achieve Performant Web Apps

GDG DevFest Wrocław (2019), FrontEndConnect Warsaw (2018)

Being a 100+ developers Web consultancy, our team at Theodo faced a lot of challenges regarding Web Performance. I spearheaded the effort in the last year to ensure that our developers had the right culture, focus, tools and skills to enforce high performance standards across all projects.

Fast by Default: Near-Instant Load Times at Scale with GatsbyJS

GOTO Berlin (2019)

Discussed about the game-changing impact of GatsbyJS on performance, accessibility and scalability of modern webapps, and how to integrate it with complex business requirements — be it for a brand new project or an existing ReactJS codebase.

Fast by Default: Extending GatsbyJS with Plugins

FrontConf Munich (2019)

GatsbyJS is a library that adds powerful static capabilities to React-powered webapps and packs many performance optimizations, making websites load instantly, by default.

Enhance your User and Developer Experience with React & Redux

Web2Day Nantes (2018), FrontConf Munich (2017)

After years of experiences building complex React & Redux web apps at Theodo, I’ve learned quite a bit of tools and techniques that make me more productive as a developer, and my users (and clients) happier with the products.

Getting the most out of Redux for Web & Mobile

DevExperience Iasi (2016)


À propos de la Jamstack 🇫🇷

Génération Statique #2

The story of how we built one of the most promising space startups in the world without taking any capital from investors.