Things I use to make my day better.

A growing collection of hardward and software I find myself using often, and/or with delight.


  • 14” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 64GB RAM (2021)

    Once I dipped my toes into M1-land I never looked back. This beast never fails to impress me.

  • 32” Samsung 4K Space Monitor

    I am working from a tiny desk at home, so space is an important factor when I’m looking at monitor. The clamp mechanism saves up precious footprint, and the screen is really nice.

  • Sonos One SL

    The entry-level Sonos speaker makes for a great speaker on my desk, though I’m considering an upgrade to the Era 100 for the line input.

  • Elgato Wave:1

    An essential buy at the beginning of the pandemic as work and community events now required folks to basically invest in a home studio.

Development tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    As much as I yearn to use NeoVim as my regular code editor, I always end back up in the comfort of VS Code (in Vim mode). It’s snappy, feature-rich but not overly complex, and familiar. VS Code is my comfort-food for software editing.

  • iTerm2 & Tmux

    iTerm2 is the first piece of software I install on a new computer. Reliable to the point I’m forgetting it’s a software I’m using all day, every day, and it never disappoint. I use Tmux and its keyboard shortcuts to manage windows and panes in the terminal—and tmuxinator to make starting my working days a matter of seconds.

  • TablePlus

    My favorite database-related tool, by a long shot. It’s intuitive, beautifully made, and fast. A must if you find yourself poking at Postgres frequently.


  • Figma & FigJam

    While I started my (modest) UI/UX endeavors in Sketch, I find that the web-based Figma makes collaborating much easier. FigJam is my go-to tool for rapid prototyping, whiteboarding and diagramming.


  • CleanShot X

    The best screenshot and screen recording utility on macOS, bar none.

  • Tuple

    Leagues ahead of Zoom and Google Meet when pair-programming. Intuitive yet powerful, and the video quality is no joke.

  • ScreenFlow

    While I’m probably only using 10% of its capacities, ScreenFlow is a handy video editing tool I’m using to record presentations.

  • 1Password

    Few tools are as essential to my life as 1Password. Investing early in a good password manager was easily one of the best decisions I took long ago.