Phacks’ weekly roundup #2 — August 28th issue


Tom Dale — Making the Jump: How Desktop-Era Frameworks Can Thrive on Mobile
In this year’s JSConf EU, in Berlin, Tom Dale talked about adapting the way we work with desktop-first frameworks (Ember, Angular, React) to meet the demands of the mobile-first era. The talk is also available as an article.


Umar Hansa — Developer Tips
More than 150 tips to master the Chrome Dev Tools! I personally had no idea you could have CSS coverage, Atom-style Cmd+Shift+P prompt or a built-in screenshot utility!

Raja Rao DV — Why Redux need reducers to be “pure functions”
Redux, as a library, only works if the reducers are pure. What does that mean? Why doesn't it work otherwise? What are the benefits of writing pure functions in Javascript? This article is concisely answering all these questions (thanks Aurore for tweeting it! 🙂)

InVision team — Design Better Books
The folks behind InVision (a design tool similar to Zepelin) wrote up a series of three (!) free (!!) ebooks on Product Design. If you want to learn the basics or deepen your knowledge, dive in! (Plus the website is awesome 😦)

Libraries docs
ZEIT, of, and next.js fame, launched the new, gorgeous version of their documentation. I encourage you to browse it to get a gist of how clean and clear it is. Plus, they open sourced their documentation engine, so that you can build the same for your Open Source project!

Simply beautiful open source icons