Phacks’ weekly roundup #1 — August 21st issue


Preethi Kasireddy - MobX vs Redux: Comparing the Opposing Paradigms
From the 2017’s React Conf over at Facebook, Preethi Kasireddy compares the MobX and Redux ’s way of doing things.

Lin Clark - A Cartoon Intro to Fiber
At the same React Conf, Lin Clark presents what’s coming up in React: the long awaited Fiber reconciliation algorithm! React’s been rewritten from the ground up to enable faster performances and finer-grained control over how components are rendered.


Addy Osmani — Progressive Web Apps with React.js: Part I — Introduction
A massive, 4-part series on how to build a blazingly-fast PWA using React.

Brandur Leach — APIs as infrastructure: future-proofing Stripe with versioning
Stripe usually finds the right way of doing something. This article shows how they version their APIs in a way that is painless for Stripe developers and end–users — which is not a small feat.

Vitaly Dulenko — How to Write a Perfect Error Message
Error messages are hard to get right — how do you show informative but not sensitive information, in a way that is helpful although not irritating?


Let's face it, forms are really verbose in React. Formik will keep things organized—making testing, refactoring, and reasoning about your forms a breeze.

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